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What is a Resident Medical Officer?

The Resident Medical Officer (RMO) is the Doctor who inhabits, is resident at the private British hospital for the period of cover. This job has become the most popular way of earning a living in the UK whilst at the same time gaining firsthand experience of the British healthcare system.

No IELTS? No problem!

Our UK RMO clients are well established and have been granted Responsible Officer status. They have been setting the standards of Medical English Assessment for many years. From an initial call and online screening exercise, through a detailed interview and culminating in a formal medical English exam, our clients will make sure our doctors have the required level of communication skills. This has been recognised by the GMC, who have accepted the English Language Assessments of our clients for the purposes of registration.

We can arrange an interview for you with the British RMO employers and, if successful, help you get the Licence to Practise. Even if your English is good/very good but you think you are not prepared yet to sit the IELTS exam and pass it with the requested scores, you don't have to worry.

You can still get your Licence to Practise from the GMC with our clients' help because the GMC also accepts "An offer of employment from a UK healthcare organisation which is a designated body and a completed English language reference for doctors with UK job offers from the appointing clinician which includes confirmation from the Responsible Officer that the recruitment process has made sure that the applicant has the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely in the UK."

Please note that the above does not apply if you have previously taken the IELTS test and failed to achieve our current minimum scores.


01. Attractive salaries

Attractive salaries without having to work the entire month. Weekly salary starting from 1,610 pounds.

02. Working schedule

Working schedule adapted to your professional and personal needs. You can even keep your job in your home country, if you want.

03. Meals and accommodation

Meals and accommodation provided free of charge for the RMO whilst on duty.

04. Assistance with the GMC registration

Assistance with the GMC registration and even the reimbursement of the GMC fees and with paying the initial costs, including the Life Support courses. In addition, malpractice cover is provided for all the work the doctors undertake.

05. Constant Support

Advice on immigration documentation, comprehensive clinical support and help with arranging the National Insurance Number and organizing the bank account.

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Interested doctors should have at least 18 months of post-graduate experience when they apply for these jobs, and will need 2 years post-graduate experience before they start work as RMOs. Relevant experience is considered the one acquired in one of the following specialties: Accident & Emergency; Anaesthesia & Intensive Care; General / Internal Medicine; General Surgery or Trauma & Orthopaedics. Paediatrics or Medical Oncology experience of minimum 6 months gained within the last 3 years, is a distinct advantage.

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You answered "YES" to at least 5 of the above questions, this means you are the right doctor for a medical job that will allow you to travel, spend time with your family or work on research during your off weeks, whilst earning an excellent salary for the time you spend working in the UK's elite private hospitals.

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"For me the Resident Medical Officer job has turned into one of the most valuable experiences in my professional development up to the present moment, because of the fact that it combines lots of medical aspects (competences in internal medicine, emergences, orthopedics, general surgery, and the different manipulations required for the position), together with the real necessity of strong organizational and good communication skills (especially if you are happy to work in a busy Hospital, I consider this is the best option, if you are determined to gain valuable medical experience).

Being an RMO even for several months is one of the best ways to get acquainted to the UK Healthcare System and motivates you to go further and endeavor to become part of it (the Consultants with whom you have to communicate 24/7 are brilliant and you become more and more comprehensive and trained in the different medical fields after each conversation or instruction followed).

In the beginning it is difficult for doctors who have graduated outside UK, but the essence of the RMO job makes you progress with high speed even without realizing it.

To be honest the easiest part is the recruitment process who made the process quite fast and efficient. I do not want to mislead a colleague – the RMO job is not that easy as somebody might imagine it. I consider it is highly responsible because you should be experienced enough to observe, predict, and treat, but it is really worthy.

Good Luck to every colleague!"
- Dr T.R., Bulgaria

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